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10 tips for getting children to sleep well.

10 tips for getting children to sleep well.

Children need Sleep. Mums need Mum-time!

...and lots of it!

Its back to school time, the fun and excitement of the holidays are a long and distant memory but the bad habits picked up during the holidays linger on! The staying up late, sharing rooms with friends and cousins and getting over-excited all lead to problems when trying to re-instigate term-time bedroom rules.

The NHS advise that a 7 year old needs as much as 10.5 hours sleep a night and as we all know that can be a challenge to mums and dads trying to get an over-excited youngster to bed and to sleep.

10 tips for a child's good night sleep.

Experts tell us that the way to ensuring sleep  is to plan bedtime:

1. A warm bath will help raise the body temperature to the ideal sleep point.
2. Light yoga exercises will help relax the muscles, good for mum as well!
3. Create a calm room environment - put all clothes away.
4. De-clutter the room, this helps to clear a child's mind. The bedroom is their sleep-haven not a convenient store room for vacuum cleaners or dad's golf clubs.
5. Keep the room at a constant temperature, 18-24 degrees  is considered best.
6. Low lighting, some children love the security of a night light.
7. Remove screens and tablets and elder children's mobile phones. This saves distraction and the urge to respond to friend's messages.
8. A comfy bed or mattress will rest their body.
9. Read a story as it has a soporific effect on children and the opportunity will soon vanish - so take advantage now!
10. Cosy Pyjamas help to a great nights sleep and this is where Pixie Dixie comes in!

Number 11 on our top ten list is to keep to a regular bedtime, it will help to condition the child for sleep and equally importantly guarantee mum some well deserved and much needed mum-time!

Mums, and of course Dads, please do add to our list by including in the comments box below your own special ways to induce sleeping. Pictures are very welcome!

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Wish Mum could get into such a deep sleep
Posted By: Tanya - 24 Sep 2015 15:20
I find a large glass of red helps!
Posted By: Tina - 29 Sep 2015 10:41

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