All Pixie Dixie Pyjamas and Dressing Gowns are 100% Cotton

Pixie Dixie 100% Cotton PJs

Cotton is the world’s best-selling fiber and whilst the exact origins of cotton are unknown, experts believe that cotton may have existed in Egypt as early as 12,000 BC

Pixie Dixie PJs are all made from 100% cotton.


For Starters, Comfort.

Cotton is an hypoallergenic fabric which means it is great for children as it is unlikely to cause allergies or skin irritations. Cotton is soft to the touch, making the texture really comfy for the child and is stretchable.

Cotton is a breathable fabric with the ability to transfer moisture away from the skin at a quicker rate than synthetic fabrics which trap moisture causing rashes and odor. Also cotton can absorb up to 1/5th of its weight before feeling damp making it ideal for Pixie Dixie pyjamas and bathrobes.  

Cotton is a Natural Fiber

Natural fibers are an important choice for those interested in protecting the environment as fewer chemicals and pesticides are used in its production. Cotton is a renewable resource and is biodegradable. Pyjamas made from man-made fibers such as polyester can take literally hundreds of years to decompose.


Pixie Dixie 100% cotton PJs  are low-maintenance because of their natural fibers helping to dry easily with a minimum of creases which means less ironing for mum.

Cotton is a durable fabric and is less likely than man made fabrics to to shrink during washing.

These are all the great reasons why we chose to make our PJs out of 100% cotton, PLUS we just love the look and feel. We hope you do as well.

Cotton Incorporated