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Top ten tips to creating the ultimate children’s bedroom

Top ten tips to creating the ultimate children’s bedroom
Soft and cosy PJs go along way towards ensuring a child’s good nights sleep and granting that well earned mum-time.- But what about the youngster’s bedroom.

Pixie Dixie stockist, Lucinda Croft, owner of Knightsbridge children’s emporium Dragons Of Walton Street lists her top ten tips to creating the ultimate children’s bedroom.

1. Agree an amount to spend and stick to it.

2. Ideally start with a fabric and work the rest of the room around it as that gives you your colour palette to start the room.

3. Once you've chosen your colour scheme only then choose your furniture must haves. What is your child interested in can you encourage their personality by including their passions in the decoration? For example my daughter adores dogs so we found a way to bring that into her room with a fun embroidered fabric and some hand painting!

4. Accessorise the child’s room with some fun accents lamp shades in co-ordinating colours , rugs, duvet cover or bedspread during the winter.

5. Buy beautiful prints to brighten the room and create memories for your child as they lie in their beds. If you can afford a mural with a tromp l’oeil effect it is magical and memorable for example when a pretend doorway is painted as if the child could step out into an imaginary world.

6. Make sure you choose a cosy, colourful rug to bring the colours of the room together.

7. The room needs to be both practical and magical, Floor space when they are young is imperative as they love to play on the floor.

8. Make sure they can access everything easily school clothes, books, shoes as it encourages independence and the strange notion that everything has a ‘home’ and can be easily put away.

9. A cosy space where you can curl up with them for story time is essential. You can make large cushions of buy bean bags. Children love different textures like some of the faux fur throws you can buy to create a good nurturing space.

And finally, the best tip of all:

10.Snuggle up and take a moment to enjoy your little one as the years go quickly!

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